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Asahi has launched its first global campaign for core beer Asahi Super Dry.

Asahi’s new Super Dry marketing campaign targets post-lockdown consumers

The campaign, which includes a 30-second video spot that will roll out across Super Dry markets, highlights Super Dry’s dry, crisp taste, known in Japanese as ‘karakuchi’. Asahi said the push targets consumers looking to “upgrade their drink choices at home during this unprecedented time”.

“As the world begins to reopen following COVID-19, the campaign aims to encourage the curiosity people have developed during lockdown and inspire them to continue to discover new experiences both at home and beyond, as we gradually return to a new normal,” Asahi said.

The activation signals a resumption of marketing for Super Dry beer, which was cut short because of the coronavirus lockdown. Asahi initially launched Discovery is Calling in the UK in March but the programme was halted when bars and restaurants closed. The video spot now rolling out globally was intended to launch in May. 

The ad is not the only global campaign from Asahi. Also this month, the brewer launched a global campaign for Peroni Nastro Azzurro that targets consumers emerging from the coronavirus lockdown.

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