Atlas collaborates with bars on new cocktail series


Singapore bar Atlas has launched a series of cocktails in partnership with venues across the world in a bid to support the on-trade community.

Above Board’s Corrective Cup and Erin’s Delight cocktails

The World Atlas series will see the Singapore drinking den offer a cocktail flight consisting of two signature serves from bars across the globe.

Each flight in the series will run for four weeks and will include bars such as Hope & Sesame in Guangzhou, China; Crown Shy in New York City, US; The Bamboo Bar in Bangkok, Thailand; and Lulu White in Paris, France.

To support the on-trade industry during the pandemic, Atlas will donate 20% of proceeds from the sale of each flight to the guest bar.

Atlas’ head bartender, Jesse Vida, will introduce each flight on Instagram Live, along with a bartender from the participating venue.

Each flight will come with a bar snack from the kitchen of the guest site, which will also be available in a shareable format with two half serves of each cocktail and a bite per person.

In addition, postcards will also be presented with each flight, enabling guests to send messages to people around the world, which will then be posted by the Atlas team.

From now until 8 August, Atlas will serve two cocktails from Above Board in Melbourne, Australia. The serves, Corrective Cup and Erin’s Delight, have been created by bartender Hayden Lambert.

The Corrective Cup is made with Tequila, chestnut, bittersweet Italian liquor, lemon juice and aromatic bitters, while Erin’s Delight combines London Dry gin with Italian bitter, orange, lime juice and orange bitters.

The Above Board flight for one is priced at S$48 (US$35), while a flight to share is priced at S$56 (US$40).

The next World Atlas series will run from 10 August until 5 September and will include drinks from Lucy’s Flower Shop in Stockholm, Sweden. The cocktails will be created by the venue’s head bartender, Hampus Thunholm. The Stockholm bar was opened in November 2019 by bartenders Ola Carlson and Alex Skärlén.


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