Blue Mountain Coffee Tours: The Best 3


If your next vacation destination is Jamaica, you are going to the homeland of Blue Mountain coffee beans grown on the idyllic Blue Mountains. Lucky you!

Coffee Tours

During your visit, you should venture into the Blue Mountains to see these coffee beans growing. Many compare them to Kona coffee as they’re both expensive. With these tours, you can treat your inner coffee connoisseur and see the real difference first hand. If you want to know more about Blue Mountain coffee before you go on a tour, you can do it here.

Blue Mountain coffee is a balanced, classic coffee with rich flavor, full-body, and a smooth yet vibrant acidity.

There are many tours available. Below are three of the best options on the island.

Blue Mountain Coffee Estate Tour

This unforgettable tour delivered by Island Outpost is five hours of enjoyment. You visit two historic estate houses on this Blue Mountains Jamaica coffee tour, as you weave your way across the mountainside. You will see how coffee grows and feel the unique microclimate your favorite beans thrive in on this nature walk. The final destination is Clifton Mount (1).

Once you arrive there, you’ll walk around the farm to enjoy the beauty. To end your trip, you are served a delicious lunch and sought after a good cup of Joe made with these beans.

There is an optional 1.5 hour add on. On this bonus adventure, you get to see the coffee roasting process. With this extra segment, you can see the entire process of coffee production from start to finish.

Craighton Estate Blue Mountain Coffee Tour

On this one hour tour, you see all Craighton Estate has to offer (2). There are over 80 acres of coffee plants in various stages of growth. You get to see them all. You also go on a grand tour of the 200-year-old house to learn where the original owners lived. The tour will end with a highly-anticipated fresh cup of coffee and a stunning view of Kingston from the highpoint of the estate.

This tour is one of the shortest and more affordable tour options, so it is excellent for families. Your kids may not care about coffee, so one hour may be more than enough time for them. Yet, you still get to see authentic Blue Mountain coffee crops and taste a fresh cup at the top of the island.

The Ultimate Blue Mountain Coffee Experience

The Jamaican Tour Society provides this unique tour experience (3). It is one of the longest Blue Mountains Jamaica coffee tours, so you have a full day ahead!

The morning begins with a hike. Bring your best walking shoes because this is not a leisurely stroll. By the end of the day, you gain 4,000 feet of elevation. Be prepared to break a sweat.

You pass by an old British military fort called Newcastle. Clifton Mount is the most important destination. Here, you will go on a tour to see the coffee-making process and taste a delicious cup. Also, you will visit Strawberry Hill. It’s another historic coffee estate offering panoramic views of the surrounding valley.

Final Thoughts

There is a Blue Mountains Jamaica coffee tour for everybody ranging from one hour to a full coffee-filled day. You can have an unforgettable experience as you see first hand where the world-renowned Blue Mountain coffee grows.

Did you find this information helpful? Have you already been on a tour and have suggestions? Let us know!


What should I bring with me on a walking tour?

Wear sturdy shoes and bring a rain jacket. At increased elevations, the weather can be very different from the sunny shores below. Also, bring sunscreen, your camera, and some extra cash to buy any coffee beans to take home.

Will the rest of my family enjoy a tour if they don’t drink coffee?

Even if you or your loved ones don’t like coffee, these tours are still enjoyable. Every Blue Mountain coffee estate is scenic. The views and nature alone are worth the trip. The coffee is a bonus for some.

Do all tours include a long hike?

No, not every Blue Mountain Jamaica coffee tour requires participants to hike. The second tour from above is only one hour and has no strenuous hiking.

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