Chobani gamifies Instagram Story in multichannel push for new yogurt



  • Yogurt maker Chobani started a multichannel campaign for its new Chobani Complete line of nutritional foods and drinks that includes several mobile elements. The brand launched an interactive Instagram Story to let users of the photo-sharing app “tap to solve” a puzzle that highlights Chobani Complete’s ingredients, per an announcement shared with Mobile Marketer.
  • Chobani will stream ads on audio platform Spotify and during “The Jillian Michaels Show” and “Good Life Project” podcasts that are focused on health and wellness. The brand also will sponsor Spotify’s cardio workout playlist during the first week of September.
  • It is working with diverse influencers to give away a case of Chobani Complete to 10 winners, and is partnering with fitness brand Obé, registered dietitians and nutrition experts to build awareness of Chobani Complete. The campaign also includes a new TV spot, according to the announcement.


Chobani’s multichannel campaign for its lactose-free Chobani Complete brand extension aims to reach a younger audience of health-conscious consumers who are heavy users of social media and streaming platforms. Generation Z tends to prefer functional snacks that are portable and have added health benefits, an eating habit that will drive gains in yogurt sales for the next few years, per an NPD Group research report cited by Food Navigator. While the yogurt category has grown more crowded in recent years, hurting overall sales to individual brands, there are pockets of strength in plant-based products, the Wall Street Journal reported.

By running ads on Spotify and sponsoring a playlist, Chobani can reach the growing audiences for on-demand audio content. Twenty-six percent of Spotify’s 299 million monthly active users are in North America, or 78 million people, and about 38 million of those listen to its ad-supported version. The company estimated its global user base will grow 10% to 16% by the end of 2020, per a quarterly report.

While Spotify has been growing its library of podcast content in the past few years, Chobani’s ads will appear in podcasts like the “The Jillian Michaels Show” that are also carried on other platforms. The portion of U.S. consumers ages 12 and older who listen to podcasts in the prior month grew to 37% this year, or 104 million people, from 32% in 2019, a study by Edison Research and Triton found. Almost half (49%) of people between the ages of 12 and 34 listen to podcasts, giving Chobani a chance to reach a younger audience that’s more likely to be health-conscious about snacking.

With its gamified Instagram Story, Chobani can engage mobile users with a branded experience that’s likely to leave a longer lasting impression than a static post or video insert. Many brands have included gamified content in their campaigns to connect with viewers on mobile devices, including times when they’re also watching TV in the background. Chipotle Mexican Grill last month launched two campaigns that urged people to participate in gamified content, including a Chipotle IQ test that challenged customers about their knowledge of the fast-casual brand and a game to predict the outcome of sporting events for a chance to win food. Burger chain Jack in the Box ran a gamified ad experience with Spotify that gave listeners a chance to win food, and promoted the game with 30-second audio spots.


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