Corinne Olympios Thought Her Life Was “Over” After Acting Like a “Psychopath” On The Bachelor


A woman tells all.

Corinne Olympios—the notorious villain from Nick Vialls 2016 season of The Bachelor—opened up about her onscreen antics during an interview with Nick for his new Patreon series, Nick V Talks Trash TV: A Bachelor and His Exes Tell All

Fans of season 21 may recall Corinne’s love for napping, her nanny and cheese pasta, plus her arguably aggressive tactics to win Nick’s heart. (Remember when she tried to seduce him with a bottle of whipped cream and an outfit consisting of only a trench coat?)

But looking back today, “I acted like a psychopath,” Corinne, who was sent packing after her hometown date, told Nick. “I was a completely different human at the time. I tried to do whatever I could to get your attention. Everyone freaked out, but I don’t care because I got my time.” 

However, she pointed out that there was a lot about their relationship that viewers didn’t see on TV, including a heartfelt letter she wrote to Nick that producers never gave him.


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