DB-C90 commented on the post, McLaren third in points with “fourth or fifth-quickest car” – Seidl

What they say

Seidl says McLaren are leading the midfield fight despite Racing Point having by far the fastest car among this group:

We have always been realistic. In average since the beginning of the year the Racing Point – and it’s not a surprise, by the way this car has been created – it’s clearly the fastest car in this battle I think also by quite some margin.

But at the same time, we could manage by great performances of our two drivers and I think also by a great execution of the race team with a car on our side, which is also a good step forward compared to last year but in average is probably the fourth or fifth quickest car to score points.

It’s brought us this 106 points where we are right now. At the same time, that’s not something we get carried away from. We need to keep developing the car in order to get closer or to keep the fight up.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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