Farmers Weekly Podcast Episode 21: Food security and dairy alternatives


Food security and self-sufficiency must be a key part of the UK’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, say farm leaders.

UK self-sufficiency in food production stands at just 64%, according to the latest figures from the National Farmers Union (NFU).

The country would run out of food on 21 August if it had to rely entirely on domestic supplies for a whole year, says the union.

In this podcast, we also examine growing concerns over the impact of a challenging harvest on UK cereal production.

Can you farm without nitrogen? The government wants farmers to reduce pollution as it sets out new environmental targets.

Meanwhile, in a boost for milk producers, food campaigners say UK dairy products are more sustainable than any plant-based alternative.

And we celebrate the 100th episode of the Dewing Grain Podcast, which has gained a cult following for its informative – and sometimes irreverent – look at UK farming.

This episode is co-hosted by Farmers Weekly executive editor Philip Clarke and Surrey farmer Hugh Broom, with Farmers Weekly chief reporter Johann Tasker.

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Podcast sponsors

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With COVID-19 restricting our physical movements we believe it is so important to stay connected with our farmers digitally and are delighted to partner with Farmers Weekly on their new podcast venture.

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