Harvest 2020: The 5 top-yielding wheat varieties map


Throughout the harvest season, we are updating our handy map with the latest data from 2020’s AHDB wheat Recommended List harvest results.

Use the map below to find the five highest-yielding wheat varieties at your nearest trials site.

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Wheat summary

Results are in from three Recommended List trial sites and the average yield stands at 9.29t/ha, well behind the five-year average of 10.87t/ha.

The Lincolnshire trials were particularly low-yielding, with the Spalding trial control average just 7.64 t/ha. This reflects the difficult growing season experienced by many, though average yields may improve as more trial results come in.

Wheat variety selection

In the Group 1 quality wheats, Skyfall leads at 98% of controls, with Zyatt just behind on 97% and Crusoe and Illustrious on 95%. In the Group 2 varieties, Extase leads on 101%, with Siskin on 98% and Detroit, which is recommended for the East/West region, on 96%.

For the Group 3s, Firefly has performed well (103%), matching many feed varieties for yield. Finally, for the Group 4 feed varieties, the newcomer Saki leads at this early stage (105%), with a group just behind on 103% (Elation, Kerrin, Gravity and the newcomer Insitor).



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