Itzy Talk New Album Not Shy And Feeling Confident


When asked how Itzy would define their unique style of music, main dancer Chaeryeong quickly says: “I don’t want to define our music style! I want to try various styles and tell our fans that we are ready and open to showing many different things.”

It’s this uninhibited zeal for new genres, sounds, and styles that perfectly encapsulates Itzy’s music. The five-membered K-Pop group from JYP Entertainment — consisting of members Lia, Ryujin, Yuna, Chaeryeong and Yeji — made waves when they splashed onto the music scene in February of 2019 with “DALLA DALLA,” an unapologetic club anthem about loving the parts of themselves that make them different from everyone else. Since then, the group has solidified themselves as a must-watch K-Pop group with their bold sound and inspiring lyrics that emphatically reinforce the same message: No matter what the world may say about you, there’s nothing better than being your bold, confident, and true self.

Itzy is back with their third mini-album, Not Shy, on Aug. 17 (aka, today!). The six-track album sees the group take on new genres and make them their own with their signature powerful vocals, incredible dance routines, and fierce lyrics. From rock and roll guitar riffs and punk rock vocals on “Don’t Give A What” to bubbly disco pop on “SURF,” Not Shy sees Itzy limitlessly explore their artistry and show off new sides of themselves, just like Chaeryeong said.


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