Jillian Michaels’ made a 7-minute fitness challenge just for you


“Every single day I’m going to be giving you a seven-minute workout,” says Michaels. “You are going to feel fantastic after seven days.” (Photo: Jillia Michaels)

“The harder you work right now, the faster your body’s going to change,” says Jillian Michaels in her game-changing Seven-Minute, Seven-Day Workout Challenge, created for Yahoo Life readers. The iconic trainer created the program for busy people of all fitness levels, with an exclusive reward for you, too!

“You are going to feel fantastic after seven days,” says Michaels. Her week-long workout series helps you reach your full fitness potential with high-impact exercises you can do conveniently at home in just seven minutes—no gym required. Each individual workout is tailored with a specific goal in mind, from strengthening your core to zapping excess weight.

So, what’s that reward?

This body-carving challenge is just the beginning. Michaels is offering Yahoo Life readers an exclusive deal on her fitness app, which is stocked with more effective 7-day workouts just like these. Enjoy a free 7-day trial and a 3-month subscription for just $19.99 (usual price is $44.97), and 12-months for $59.99 (usual price is $179.88) — but hurry, this deal is limited. (Yahoo Lifestyle may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page. Pricing and availability are subject to change.)

7 days of workouts that push you to the limit—for only 7 minutes a day

Ready to get sweaty? Your seven days of seven minute workouts are below. The custom program combines total-body workouts with routines to tone abs and legs, too. Each day introduces an easy-to-follow seven-minute workout—and Micheals’ signature no-nonsense coaching style will keep you right on track.

Day One: Total Body Workout

Day one of the challenge is a full-body workout, with 12 toning and tightening moves packed into seven rigorous minutes. You’ll definitely hit the ground running.

Day 2: Burn Fat and Boost Metabolism

On day two, it’s all about High Intensity Interval Training, also known as HIIT. HIIT workouts are major fat-burners, because they require you to exert yourself to the max for short intervals followed by brief recovery periods, which turbo charges your body’s calorie-burning powers.

Day 3: Rebuild, Recover and “Chill”

Day three’s challenge is about “giving your body a chance to rebuild and recover,” says Michaels. It’s built to ease your aching muscles with foam rolling maneuvers that help relax the body and cut through cellulite, combined with a calming meditation.

Day 4: Firm Abs and Help Prevent Back Pain

Day four is about firming up your abs and core, helping address everything from a bulging belly to a weak, aching back.

Day 5: Sculpt Your Legs and Butt

On day five, Michaels has you doing the same kind of strengthening and tightening for your legs and butt.

Day 6: High Intensity Calorie Burner

Day six is another dynamic HIIT workout, with short spurts of exercise that are sort of like a series of sprints instead of a marathon.

Day 7: Foam Melt and Meditation

And on day seven, you’ll be in recovery mode again with a hurts-so-good foam rolling session and a quick meditation.

Anyone familiar with Michaels knows her style is no-nonsense, and her workouts are built for results. And if you’re not in shape? Well this seven-minute, seven-day challenge was made for you. It suits people of all fitness levels—especially those who feel they just don’t have the time to exercise. In the time it takes to hard-boil an egg, you can work on hardening your abs and melting away fat.

Get serious about your fitness with a subscription to the Jillian Michaels Fitness App. For a limited time only, Yahoo readers can enjoy a free 7-day trial and a 3-month subscription for just $19.99 (usual price is $44.97), and 12-months for $59.99 (usual price is $179.88).


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