‘Shazam!’ Director David F. Sandberg Teases Fans With Fake Trailer For Sequel – Deadline


David F. Sandberg shared with fans the trailer for Shazam! 2, a movie that he has yet to shoot.

On Saturday the Annabelle: Creation director tweeted a fake teaser to the comic-book movie sequel, complete with dramatic music and film reviews. The reviews, however, aren’t from the usual outlets featured in film commercials.

“We haven’t shot Shazam! 2 yet but there are already reviews up on Letterboxd,” he said. “I’m pretty sure that means we’re allowed to start using review quotes for marketing.

Sandberg compiled a number of early reviews for Shazam! 2 form Letterboxd, a social platform where cinephiles can rate, rank and share their favorite films. Displayed in front of footage of the titular character and various shots, the reviews address the film, Sandberg himself and some of the Shazam! stars.

“I’m fine with this,” says one review from Letterboxd critic Roberto the Person. “Jack Dylan Grazer I’m free Thursday night to paint and dance in ur room to Fleetwood Mac,” reads another fro Letterboxd user Nev.

While the trailer for the sequel is anything but legit, Shazam! 2 itself is seriously in the works. In 2019 Deadline reported that Sandberg  and Henry Gayden will return to direct and write the sequel, respectively. Shazam! 2 is set to premiere on April 1, 2022.

Watch the fake trailer below.


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