The Best Reed Diffusers That You Can Buy on Amazon


Everyone likes to walk into a good-smelling home. It brightens your mood instantly and makes you feel more relaxed. Why would you restrict that act of self-care to only when you light a candle? Sure, some people live in homes where there’s at least five candles waiting in the wings, but candles only work when they’re lit. When you walk in the door, you could still smell the gross garbage you forgot to take out, despite lighting candles last night. The scent doesn’t linger very long. Changes your life (and nose) with the best reed diffusers. Reed diffusers give you continuous fresh fragrance with none of the drama of a candle. Keep your drama confined to your Selling Sunset or Bachelor obsession, where it belongs. 

Reed diffusers consist of a small glass vase, reed sticks and a combo of essential oils and other scents. You put the oil in the glass and then the reeds in the glass. That’s it. You’re done. It takes a few days for the reed to absorb the oil to create fragrant smells, but then they are off and running. These diffusers can last as long as 90 days, and then you can further extend their lives by flipping them upside down, so the dry end is in the oil. After the sticks are truly unusable, you can replace the sticks and keep using the oil.

Basically, it’s time to break-up with your high-maintenance flame.

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1. NEST Fragrances Reed Diffuser

Treat yourself this beauty reed diffuser. The reeds sit in an elegant glass, which has NEST’s signature etched stripes. The oil itself is alcohol-free, unlike other diffusers. There are more than 20 fragrances to pick from. The one we’ve featured is called Ocean Mist & Sea Salt. It contains white tea, coconut and sea salt to create a relaxing scent. The reed diffusers last for roughly 90 days after assembling it.

Courtesy of NEST.

2. Cocod’or Rose Flower Reed Diffuser

This diffuser takes it to a new level—beyond just elegant sticks. You get a real preserved flower and a special rose stick to make this diffuser an Instagram-worthy centerpiece in your home. Just keep in mind that it takes approximately two days for the sticks to soak in the scent after you’ve put it together. This scent smells like white laundry, citrus and mint to mimic the smell of clean cotton.

Courtesy of Cocod’or.

3. Urban Naturals Garden Lavender Reed Diffuser Oil Set

This classic reed diffuser has a sprig of herbs and florals inside. This diffuser is made out of essential oils and has a lavender herbal fragrance with a hint of balsamic. There are more than 40 diffuser scents to browse, ranging from Mokara Orchid to Warm Vanilla Amber. It also makes for a great gift, because it comes in a high-quality box and will last the recipient a long time.

Courtesy of Urban Naturals.


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