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Weller’s Sparkling Immunity

Sparkling Immunity is available in three flavours and across 25 states

Category – Sparkling water, functional

Available – From this month

Location – The US, available in the off-premise channel across 25 states 

Price – SRP of US$2.99 per 12oz (35.5cl) can

CBD company Weller has expanded into a new category with the launch of a range of non-CBD sparkling waters in the US.

The Colorado-based group, which is set to release its first non-CBD product at the end of this month, said the brand is designed to provide a boost to the immune system. Sparkling Immunity comprises three flavours – Elderberry & Peach, Elderberry & Lemon-Lime, and Elderberry & Strawberry.

Each 12oz can contains vitamin C, vitamin D3, zinc and magnesium, as well as 10 calories and no added sugar.

“We’re launching these new products into our existing footprint of 1,500 retailers across the country,” said Weller’s VP of sales, Megan Siegel. “The strategic advantage to the brand is activating our incredible brokers and sales teams who can place these products with retailers that haven’t adopted CBD beverages yet.”

Last year, Weller launched a three-strong line of CBD-infused sparkling waters.

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