Yume & SUEZ strategic partnership kicking goals


ground-breaking partnership to tackle commercial food waste in Australia is
kicking some major goals by successfully selling high quality surplus food that
might have otherwise gone to waste. 

Yume, the
leading online marketplace for high quality surplus food, teamed up with waste
and recycling leader SUEZ, to offer food manufacturers an option to get a
financial return on surplus products.

Barfield, Founder of Yume said that they were seeing powerful results using
their technology to offer an innovative market for surplus food.

multinational companies who are also SUEZ customers have now listed high
quality surplus food on Yume and we are working with them to ensure those
products find a new avenue to market and are consumed as intended. These
companies join our network of over 500 food manufacturers, wholesalers and
importers that list and sell quality stock through our online marketplace.

The partnership with SUEZ has resulted in the sale of 450,285 kilograms of surplus food which has returned almost $700,000 to these businesses and it is expected that this number is going to grow as the market adjusts to the coronavirus impact. 

results add significantly to Yume’s growing impact. To date Yume has provided a
new route to market for close to two million kgs of food returning over
$6,000,000 to Australian businesses and farmers.

“One of the
companies, Patties Foods, joined the war on waste and listed a surplus consignment
of caramel slices. Yume identified a new avenue to market their caramel slices
and sold the product to independent retailers and caterers all around
Australia, getting them a great return.

our work together is having a positive impact on the planet. The partnership
has saved water and carbon dioxide equivalent to saving the water of 519,560
showers and taking 195 cars off the road for a year and this is just the
beginning,” Barfield added. 

Frank, Chief Customer Officer at SUEZ Australia & New Zealand, said that
the company is committed to working with customers to ensure as much waste as
possible is recovered, recycled and treated. 

benefits of the partnership assist SUEZ’s customers in reducing waste and
achieving greater sustainability. Our partnership with Yume aligns with SUEZ’s
commitment to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals – SDG 12 – by
promoting responsible production and consumption” he said.

said that Yume is focused on delivering a commercial solution at the top of the
food waste hierarchy: avoiding waste and reusing food wherever possible.

“This is an
innovative partnership in the fight against commercial food waste, we are
looking to prevent 4.1 million tonnes of surplus food from going to waste in
Australia every year.

2016-17, a massive 55 percent of food waste was associated with Primary
Production, Manufacturing and Wholesale sectors. 

“This food,
produced by Australian farmers and manufacturers, is wasted even before it
reaches supermarkets, restaurants or homes,” she said.

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